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Genesis Developer Docs

Contribute to Genesis Core

Thank you for your interest in contributing to Genesis Core.

If you have general feedback such as bug reports and feature requests, please submit your comments to our support team or in the GenesisWP Slack workspace.

If you are interested in ongoing contribution to Genesis, you can gain access to the private Genesis GitHub repository as follows:

Join the Genesis GitHub repository #

  1. Sign up to the GenesisWP Slack workspace.
  2. Join the contributors channel.
  3. Post a note to introduce yourself, share your GitHub username, and request access to the Genesis GitHub repository. An example:

Hi, everyone! I'm [name]. I've been using Genesis since [year] and my website is [site url]. Please could I have access to the Genesis repo to contribute [code|ideas|documentation]? My GitHub username is [@username].

All requests will be reviewed and considered by the StudioPress team.

Getting started #

Once you have access to the Genesis repo, you can find contributor guidelines and a cheat sheet in the Genesis Wiki.

We recommend that you propose changes in the contributors Slack channel or by opening a GitHub issue before submitting pull requests. You're welcome to ask questions there too. We're happy to help!