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Genesis Developer Docs

Genesis Post Type Support

Genesis offers certain features via post type support:

Support Types with support by default Description Also requires
genesis-seo post, page Add a Genesis SEO panel to control SEO options. -
genesis-scripts post, page Add a Genesis Scripts field for per-page scripts. -
genesis-layouts post, page Add Genesis layout options to your post type. custom-fields
genesis-breadcrumbs-toggle post, page Display a “hide breadcrumbs” checkbox control in the Genesis editor sidebar. custom-fields
genesis-title-toggle page Display a “hide title” checkbox control in the Genesis editor sidebar. custom-fields
genesis-singular-images none Add options to show featured images. custom-fields

Remove Genesis post type support

To opt-out of Genesis post type support on the default post and page types, remove support in your child theme's functions.php with remove_post_type_support():

// Remove the ability to hide the title on pages.
remove_post_type_support( 'page', 'genesis-title-toggle' );

Add post type support to default post types

Extend Genesis post features to existing types using add_post_type_support():

// Add the “hide title” checkbox to posts as well as pages.
add_post_type_support( 'post', 'genesis-title-toggle' );

Add post type support to custom post types

You must also add custom-fields post type support to use features designed for the Genesis block editor sidebar, as noted in the support table above.

Add Genesis post type supports to custom post types like this: