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Genesis Developer Docs

Genesis REST API

Requires Genesis 3.1.0+

Genesis exposes meta data and settings to the WordPress REST API.

Genesis post meta

For post types with custom-fields support, Genesis exposes the title toggle, breadcrumbs toggle, featured image display status, layout, and body and post custom classes under the meta key in the posts endpoint:

> curl[id]

"meta": {
"_genesis_hide_title": false,
"_genesis_hide_breadcrumbs": false,
"_genesis_hide_singular_image": false,
"_genesis_hide_footer_widgets": false,
"_genesis_custom_body_class": "",
"_genesis_custom_post_class": "",
"_genesis_layout": "full-width-content"

Genesis layouts

Access the supported layouts for the currently active theme via the Genesis layouts endpoint:

> curl
"content-sidebar": {
"label": "Content, Primary Sidebar",
"img": "",
"type": ["site"],
"default": true
"sidebar-content": {
"label": "Primary Sidebar, Content",
"img": "",
"type": ["site"],
"default": false
"full-width-content": {
"label": "Full Width Content",
"img": "",
"type": ["site"]

Genesis singular images

Get post types with genesis-singular-images support enabled and active:

> curl

The absence of a post type denotes that genesis-singular-images support is not active for that type.

Genesis breadcrumbs

Get breadcrumbs options that are enabled:

> curl

The values match the key for each breadcrumb toggle setting displayed in the Customizer.

The absence of a key denotes that breadcrumbs are not currently enabled for that area.