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Genesis Developer Docs

Contribute to Genesis translations

Thank you for your interest in contributing translations to the Genesis parent theme. Genesis uses GlotPress to maintain translations and Traduttore to build language packs for download.

The Genesis GlotPress server #

The Genesis GlotPress server is located at

To contribute translations:

  1. Register for a free account.
  2. Log in and contribute translations to the latest version of Genesis.

A description of GlotPress terminology and the translation process is available in the GlotPress manual.

Get help with the translation process #

Join the GenesisWP Slack workspace and ask questions in the #translations channel.

GenesisWP Slack

Genesis language packs #

The Genesis GlotPress server automatically generates new language packs within five minutes of new translations being accepted.

Regenerate language packs manually #

If packs are not updated automatically after five minutes, ask in the GenesisWP Slack #translations channel for a language server administrator to manually update the language packs:

Please could someone with SSH access to manually regenerate Genesis language packs using wp traduttore language-pack build genesis-framework/genesis. I have waited five minutes after a translation was accepted and the packs do not seem to be updating automatically with my change. Thanks!

Download language packs in Genesis #

Genesis 3.3 introduced the ability to download language file updates automatically.

Switch your site language in the WordPress admin at Settings → General, then visit Dashboard → Updates to see a prompt to update language files.

Download language packs manually #

Find a list of Genesis language packs in JSON format to download packs manually if desired. Use a JSON-to-text conversion tool to make the JSON easier to read if your browser does not format JSON for you.